At the University of Sussex we offer two postgraduate courses linked to the themes addressed by Intrapreneurship Hub. The courses are open to applicants from all backgrounds with the duration of 1 year full time and 2 years part time.

MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Our MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation is an intensive and innovative course designed to provide an in-depth understanding of management and entrepreneurship. The course covers different organisational, sectorial and geographical contexts and aims to combine state-of-the-art academic knowledge with practical challenges in the business world. It is designed to build practical skills around conceptualising, designing, managing and growing new ventures and existing entrepreneurial organisations.

The course creates new opportunities for people interested in: self-employment or management of their own venture; general management and small & medium enterprise (SME) management; family business; entrepreneurial positions in an international organisation; entrepreneurial ventures in the public/private sector (e.g. universities and research institutes); and business development consultancy.

For further details, visit the University of Sussex prospectus pages

MSc Strategic Innovation Management

Our MSc Strategic Innovation Management is an interactive and innovative course designed to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to lead and manage innovation at operational and strategic levels. The course focuses on how large organizations, in both private and public sectors, execute their new-product and service development. This helps students to develop an integrative approach by combining management of the market with management of technological and organizational changes to create value from innovation.

For further details, visit the University of Sussex prospectus pages.