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Welcome to the Intrapreneurship Hub

The Intrapreneurship Hub is a collaborative research initiative between the School of Business, Management and Economics at the University of Sussex,  SDA Bocconi School of Management in Italy and Renmin University of China, School of Business.

Our interdisciplinary team brings together significant competences in the areas of strategy, entrepreneurship and innovation, with expertise grounded in several years of academic research and industry collaborations.

Built on the idea of delivering mutual benefit for industrial practice and academia, the Intrapreneurship Hub provides a platform to share the latest research findings and offers industry partners customized research projects, confidential analyses and metrics to assess corporate entrepreneurial performance.

The Hub assists established companies to identify effective mechanisms to support the development of new business initiatives and innovative processes, enabling them to adopt robust managerial practices and stay at the forefront of innovation management.

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Business news, research findings, and best practices on the knowledge of corporate entrepreneurship & innovation processes

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